About This Blog

This blog is the journal of observations by a “mature” man who has moved to New York City, reversing the normal progression of the younger person who moves here, starts a family and moves to the suburbs or to another place thought to be more congenial, warmer and hospitable for family life and the “mature years.” Thus, it is my “autumn” in the blog title, not the time of year but the time of life.

Having lived my entire adult life in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, the move to The City, occasioned by my wife getting a great job here as an executive of a large travel retailer, has been a shock in some respects but the reality of living here is proving to be interesting, stimulating and provocative. There is much to say about the change and The City itself.

Simultaneously with writing this blog, I am reading the 1,196 page magnum opus, Greater Gotham, A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919 (2017), which will provide source material and historical context from time to time. Mostly, though, this blog will be a record of my personal observations and thoughts about The City and life here. From time to time, I will add photographs I have taken of city life. I will also throw in some restaurant reviews and review of other aspects of life here. The end result will, hopefully, be interesting, stimulating and provocative for readers. Comments, critical or otherwise, are always welcome.