The End is Nigh — But You Have a Choice

As previously advised, circumstances compel the termination of this blog. I write this very last post to invite all followers to check out and consider following it. While the New York City focus will be lost, our hearts will always remain attached to the Great City, and visits and other occasions to write about it will definitely arise. In between, is devoted to everything between the coasts; hence the blog title. will, of course, retain a major focus on issues of national policy with other subjects of interest, at least to me, thrown in irregularly. Give it a try; if it’s not to your liking, you can easily cancel your following and you’ll hear no more from me.

In all events, I wish you all well. We are, I hope, on the verge of beginning to restore sanity and a semblance of order to our politics, though we clearly face some very serious short-term challenges. The nation’s capital city where we now live is under siege; the security grip tightens more each day. It feels like living on a military base but with nicer buildings. If you believe in democracy, send peaceful thoughts to the capital and prepare for the dawn of a new age.


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