Storm King Arts Center

On the last day of our break from NYC, reported in the prior post, Escape from Gotham, we drove north again to the Storm King Art Center which is near Cornwall, NY. It is described on its website as,

Storm King Art Center is a 500-acre outdoor museum located in New York’s Hudson Valley, where visitors experience large-scale sculpture and site-specific commissions under open sky. Since 1960, Storm King has been dedicated to stewarding the hills, meadows, and forests of its site and surrounding landscape. Building on the visionary thinking of its founders, Storm King supports artists and some of their most ambitious works. Changing exhibitions, programming, and seasons offer discoveries with every visit.

I can add nothing meaningful to that, so I won’t try. I don’t understand modern art and certainly did not grasp the concepts behind many of the pieces at Storm King. Trust this, though. Five hundred acres of rolling hills is a lot of acres and hills, so if you visit, be prepared to do a lot of walking and climbing. The terrain is beautiful if you are attracted to verdant hills and forest. The selection of photos below will give you an indication of what to expect but there is much more to Storm King than this.

One thought on “Storm King Arts Center

  1. Looks like a lovely stop for hiking amidst all types of interesting installations. Thanks for sharing! I’m psyched that our National Gallery of Art here in DC is now open, but you have to book a time online.
    Am looking forward to taking in the Degas exhibit.


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